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2019-2020 Classes


Mommy & Me Twinkle Star Dance classes are specifically for 2 year olds. This combo class teaches the fundamentals of tap dance and the basics of classical ballet to introduce young dancers to the joys of rhythmic movement and the elegance of ballet, with mom assisting every step of the way.  This is the perfect preparation for our Twinkle Star I Classes.

Twinkle Star Dance I classes are for children ages 3 to 4, who are currently not enrolled in school and/or have not danced before. This combo class teaches the fundamentals of tap dance and the basics of classical ballet to introduce young dancers to the joys of rhythmic movement and the elegance of ballet.

Twinkle Star Dance II classes are for children ages 4 to 5 and/or those whom have already taken a year of Twinkle Star Dance I at Encore Dance Studio. This is a Ballet/Tap combo class continues on with teaching all the fundamentals, while starting to introduce the Ballet Barre, and diving more in depth in preparation for our next level.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique. The syllabus is based on a progression of exercises from the barre to the center, preparing the body and mind for technique that develops good placement, proper breathing, co-ordination, strength, grace, and musicality.

Contemporary class explores the creative, artistic soul through a strong foundation in ballet and jazz technique. Emphasis will be on moving in and out of traditional parallel jazz techniques while picking up on new, subtle movement challenges. This style of dance is constantly changing and evolving with current trends in contemporary movement. Due to the technical demands of this style, this class is for advanced students only. There are no limits for choreography and expression.

Tap is a technique which incorporates percussion with dance movement.. Students learn timing, agility, speed, and clarity through rhythm-focused tap dancing.  Elementary steps and basic rhythms are taught first, then more intricate patterns and fancier footwork are added in each class.  Both traditional and contemporary tap techniques are covered in our lesson plan.  From Gene Kelly of yesterday to Savion Glover of today, tap remains a driving force in the entertainment field. We offer Classical Tap, Tap Technique and the latest hoofing style Rhythmic Tap this year!

Jazz classes are based on parallel body lines, including isolations, flexibility warm-ups, strengthening exercise, a progression of leaps, kicks and turns across the floor and a combination of steps. A low center of gravity and high level of energy are other important identifying characteristics of jazz dance. During the dance term we will introduce many different styles of Jazz; Funk, Commercial, Modern, Calypso, and Afro-Cuban. Students will gain a sense of individuality and originality and will develop the ability to move quickly and think fast. The goal is to develop dancers who are expressive, dynamic, musical and passionate.

Hip Hop music and dancing permeates our culture and has a unique and unmistakable style.  This high energy, athletic, popular dance style originated on the streets in the late 80s with breakdancing.  this is a great choice for Beginners and a great class for Juniors, Preteens and Teens.  There are NO rules! Hip Hop has come full circle incorporating all aspects of dance.  In the professional world, a dance must have hip hop in their repertoire.


Musical Theater Dance is a class that focuses on the study of Broadway dance and dance styles. Students will learn a variety of choreography from selected musicals.