Hello Encore Family,


To help keep our families and staff safe during such an uncertain time, we will be following the K-12 mandated school shut down in Florida beginning Wednesday, March 18th through until April 15th.  We will re-evaluate and update you on what we will do moving forward as more updates continue to roll in.

Our team of teachers have made it possible to continue services as long as we could, including every possible precaution from heightened cleaning cycles to curricular changes eliminating props, barres and hand-holding.

It goes without saying that this is an unprecedented time in history, but especially for schools and small business owners in the service industry.

The reason for the delay in announcing our plans is because we have been working around the clock with our team – many of whom depend entirely on their income from our small business, looking at all of our options.

Here is what we are doing at Encore for our group dance classes beginning Monday March 23rd:

·         We are committed to continue by recording your weekly classes for students to continue their classes from the comfort and safety of their own home. This way our dancers can still participate in their dance classes and continue to receive the wonderful benefits that our dance classes provide.  More than ever our kids will need to get some exercise and physical activity.  This is key to staying healthy and happy.  We also truly believe children thrive on repetition and regularity.  Providing these extra sources to you will hopefully help our dancers stick to their routine, which will help reduce anxiety and bring joy to them during these uncertain and stressful times. We understand that for many of our students WE ARE A SECOND FAMILY, and family stick together during these trying times.


·         Our dancers have also been so excited to work on their recital piece for their showcase later in the season.  You will ALSO receive practice links to work on your recital dances. Please look for these email links throughout the weekend as we get these all recorded and set up through a special app.


·         As an added bonus, we will also be offering daily challenges, special activities, bonus live videos and bonus Master Classes from amazing instructors in the dance industry from around the world. 

         In these unprecedented times, we want to reaffirm our commitment as small business owners to the following things for our students and parents.

1.    Service Excellence. We are committed to providing service excellence for our students and families while keeping everyone safe and healthy. To help us fulfill this (and to make sure we are ready for the Recital), each teacher will be recording practice videos to keep kids active and engaged during the break.

2.    Community Focused.  If you have a small business, let me know how we can support you.  We are here to support you in anyway we can. We are a community and we are much stronger united together not apart.

Your children and families and their safety will always be our main priority.  These online classes will enrich what they’ve learned and give them a sense of connection and community when they’re not able to see their friends.  It will help them maintain a sense of normalcy and routine, while so much is happening around them.  

We will send out a separate email this weekend with all of the steps on how to sign up and view your classes on the app.

We appreciate you staying flexible as this is a rapidly evolving situation. Thank you again for your support during this challenging time.



Nicki & Annie